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An informational site on cartophily, the hobby of collecting cigarette cards. Includes a brief history of the hobby and information on how to start and maintain a collection.


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Images of medicine-makers advertising trade cards.


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Collection of Victorian-era trade cards.


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 4 - German Cards Browse Website open in new window
Informative site about German cigarette and trade cards. Includes listings by manufacturer and theme.


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 5 - TeaCard.Com Browse Website open in new window
Specializes in Red Rose Tea cards, with information about some other companies as well. Includes FAQ, links, and buy and sell pages.


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 6 - Teacards.com Browse Website open in new window
Specializes in Brooke Bond tea cards. Includes complete listing with some images, and links.


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Features galleries of Red Rose Brooke Bond Tea card series. Also includes a gallery of floaty pens, and an essay about eBay pricing.


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